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Other account: Azeyuu
OKAY SO I don't know if anyone will be interested in these, but I'm thought why not? I never did this before so I'm very nervous about it...

- Paypal only (USD)
- Payment due up front
- There might be a slight price increase for complexity!
- I'm working with slots! You can claim one and I'll contact you when I'll be at yours, you'll need to pay then.
Be ready to pay anytime, if you dont have money when I ask you, I'll pass to the next after you and you'll have to wait more for your commission!
- Please, be aware that I can take a few days to a couple of weeks to make your commission! It depends of my availability!


no background or simple bg (gradient, textured): 18USD

 background: +10USD
additionnal character: +10USD

For more than 1 character, you can ask for specefic interraction between them!
Nasrin 937 by AxlVohx  Is this a pigeon? by AxlVohxWhen the Sun shines hot and the wind blows cold by AxlVohx

(4 headshots+ corresponding background) (you can ask for an other bg!) - 20USD

Elois into Spring by AxlVohx  Jurou 432 by AxlVohx   [COM] Ajingi 1802 by AxlVohx

1. ApexPlegian - PAID

Thank you! ;w;


[EVENT] Friendlier Look
2 - A bag of glittery decorations ends up being spilled all over you - Streamer apologizes, even though her eyes sparkle like she just created the best decoration. How do you react?

Pissed. Willem is pissed.
I couldn't resist drawing one of my grumpy vayron with such a joyful looking girl! xD I was pretty busy when the last Anomaly Event happened and couldn't participate as much as I wanted. But now I have more time and I'm less stressed about life and stuff so I plan to make a couple entries for this event! The Anomaly prompts and mini games look fun so I kinda want to try them all :giggle:
I do have a small story for this image -and I want to apolozige for any big mistake I made, English is a second language for me. I'm doing my best!

While following Maxim in his search to discover new medicinal plants in Warrenfall, Willem didn't expected at all to come across a party -or a what would become a party. As he was walking behind his friend, he spot some bright colors between the branches of a tall tree. Intrigued by these weird flags that seem to be in the middle of nowhere, he went closer to investigate. Emerging from tall bushes, he end up in a luminous and festive glade; balloons were tie to trees and garlands hanged to branches. Absorbed by his discovery, he didn't notice the crates in front of him in wich he stumbled into, rolling in the grass and in the decorations. The Roenden traveler stood up, suprised and covered in streamers and glitter. His eyes caught the glimpse of a soft yellow coat roaming between bushes. As a slender female made her way into the glade, Willem straighten up. She had tiny flowers and streamers in her maroon and flowy mane. She looks at him with an amused face. He pouted. She made a gentle laugh, sitting beside him. 

"Let's take these off before someone sees you like this, uh?"

He mumbled, rolled his eyes. She laughed even more.

"It does make you look friendlier though!"

Willem made a deep grunt. Where was Maxim when he needed him?

Art & Willem ~AxlVohx
:iconworld-of-reos: :iconfated-light:
Reos: Reference 2348
Let me start by saying I just love the design I came with for this guy! And I can't wait to develop him -but I do have other things to do first. He'll be a spy and I haven't decide his magi path yet but I'm thinking about a fire Elementalist..
He's an arrongant and selfish jerk. He is Willem main rival.

(I need a hair dye to change his mane colors on his import ;o; )

Art & Samel ~AxlVohx
:iconworld-of-reos: :iconfated-light:
Reos: Reference 048
(this is mainly to boost his CP a bit as he's almost paramount!) EDIT: He just passed Paramount status!
It was fun to do! I think I'll make this kind of reference for some other vayrons of mine too. c:

Some design info:
-Has asymetrical mask and legs markings
-Red mane part has longer hair than the yellow part
-He has big sonar ears
-Trapezoid head shaped

Art & Colden ~AxlVohx
:iconworld-of-reos: :iconfated-light:


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